Team Shilpa64 wins big at Code Ultimatum

8th December 2016

Team Shilpa64 made another significant win by coding a new product safeNET at Code Ultimatum organised by Dialog Ideamart to end the year of hackathons. The hackathon challenged over 20 teams choosen from Universities and community to develop IoT solutions that can be controlled with mobile.

The idea of SafeNet addressed the disaster readiness, response and recovery using robots. Overnight the Shilpa64 team lead by Niranjan Meegammana, NP Vishwa Kumara, Adeeptha Samarakoon, Nisal Hewagamage and Vidura Dhananjaya build a system that provide Weather information, flood monitoring using a new invention and controlling search and rescue support rover and a drone.

Twelve hours of non-stop hacking, Team Shilpa64 with SafeNET won 1st runner up and claimed Rs. 100,000 as winning price. Team Inteligentz presenting button controlled hotel services and Team SAS Ninja Labs with wi-fi triangle based electricity management won 1st and 3rd places.

This is team Shilpa64's second hackathon win of the year. "We are moving with great confidence and plan to develop new technologies to change lives of people facing disasters" , team leader Niranjan Meegammana said. "The money won will go to new Algohack program to train kids into IoT" said NP Vishwa Kumara the Chief Tech of the team.

Gamini Pathirana (NewsLK)
30th November 2016