A Girls' wish

"Pass exams, get a job"

Shilpa Sayura provides help marginalised young girls access National education with e learning in local language on mobile internet and at local at Telecentres

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Girls in Technology


Shilpa Sayura Girls in Tech program trains girls in computer programming, networking and electronics

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Unleash Your Potential

Create Mobile Apps

Join AppSMART, mobile application development training program and generate revenue and develop a 21st century career.

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Feeling Safe and Confident


Shilpa Sayura, Respect Girls on Internet Project, develops a community based cyber harassment protection creating awareness, training and social media for empathy

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Youth in Digital Media

"Learn to Create Media"

Learn Photography, Graphic design and Film making. Express your voices on social issues with creative media. Help positive change in society and develop a career in creative field

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Going green is easier than you think


The little things you can do every day can save Planet Earth. Join Youth Environmental Society on fb to Learn, connect, collaborate and act together to create positive impact in your local environment.

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Help Girls to Learn Programming
Code Girl Initiative
Create a local project:
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We train youth groups around Sri Lanka. In ICT, Media and Programming. For your support we add a mini computer. and train and conduct training in their schools and provide continued support to learn programming.
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Current Projects

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Our Partners
The power of Shilpa Sayura development is openness for participation. We work with community partners from Government, Telecentres, Private sector, Schools and Community Organisations. We believe in multi-stakeholder partnerships help share knowledge, resources and access to networks and increase impact. Our First Partners were ICTA, Sinhala Unicode Group,Nenasala, E Fusion, Kaputa.com and Teachers for Education Content.
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Use Shilpa Sayura world-class online learning for National Curriculum and comprehensive A/L ICT couse. Gain access to fully interactive lessons, lecture notes, videos and exam testing. Get best results and go higher! learn at your phase, Learn on the Cloud!

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We are Developing
21st Century Youth.

We Empower of youth with inspiration, knowledge, skills and develop leadership to face emerging socio-economic and environmental challenges through social innovations powered by technology.

Our projects increase their participation in sustainable development with access to information, education and technologies to unleash their full potential for 21st century. Learn more



Our challenges today continuously remind us to prepare our youth to face future challenges, and making Young People participate in society becomes #1 in our priorities to sustain our future. Education remains the greatest wealth we can share with youth. We can help them to think critically to find solutions for problems in everyday life. We believe in Technology to create innovative solutions to address critical challenges our youth are facing in access to Education, Empowerment and Economy.

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In addition to financial support, your expertise and advice can help create a thriving youth in our programs.


Take action

Use our content, join our programs, be inspired, join a group or form a group to take relevant and credible actions to make a difference in your community.


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Volunteer to help youth in our programs and enjoy knowledge, skills, social and economic benefits.


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Our Story

In 2006 Niranjan Meegammana, a veteran Technologist formed Kaputa Team, an online youth teach community to help develop Sinhala Technology and tools for internet. Kaputa.com was embraced by large number of rural users who were not able to use internet due to langauge gap. Kaputa.com became Sri Lanka's first local language on-line community providing content, e commerce services and community interactions. Kaputa.com inspired large number of youth to enter web industry.

Kaputa the beginning

Kaputa Team participating in Sinhala Unicode Committee, developed Unicode fonts and tools for content management opening a huge potential of internet for learning, communication and business. Founding Sinhala Unicode Group, an on-line group diverse technologists collaborated in developing and promoting of free Sinhala Technology and tools for community, resulted gov.lk the first Sinhala, Tamil and English portal.

Shilpa Sayura

Niranjan Meegammana participating e Society Focus Group of e Sri Lanka project, emphasised the need of local content. The voice was heard and government and funded USD 50,000 for development of local langauge e learning system for National curriculum addressing rural drop-out problem. Shilpa Sayura journey of rural education development began in 2006.

Our Impact

Shilpa Sayura reached over 60,000 youth and made a positive impact enabling access to National education through telecentres, and became a global example by winning i4D 2007 Award at e-India, GKP 2008 in Malaysia and Stockholm challenge and World Youth Services Award in 2008. Winning Lien I 3 social innovation challenge was a remarkable milestone in 2009 lead to creation of Shilpa Sayura Foundation in 2009 to continue the innovation and impact as a social enterprise

Our Leadership

Shilpa Sayura innovationteam includes professionals, teachers, parents and youth with diverse exceptional skills in Technology, Education, Design, Media, Community Development and Public Relations. Niranjan Meegammana, Yamuna Rathnayake, Vishva Kumara, Poornima Meegammana, Samanmalee Swarnalatha, Jayampathi Dinamithra, Udara Anuruddha, Saman Sisira Kumara, Dilip Kumara and Roshan Chathurnga are key members.

Our Activities

We are engaged in education development, youth media, democracy, women empowerment, environment conservation, mobile applications and economic development of youth supported by Adobe Foundation, UNHABITAT, UNICEF, UNDEF,Microsoft, Autodesk and ISOC.

Our Future

Shilpa Sayura has become a youth lead organisation supported by professionals and community of partners. Our collaborative vision and insights influence us to take action on emerging problems and explore potential solutions achieve our mission.

Our Innovation

Social innovation is our passion. We seek ways to transform social innovation to industrial innovation that can be replicated by other social enterprises. It's our wish to share concepts, technology and content in global scape.

Our Vision

Over the years we have learned that digital development increase inclusion, save time, money and energy. Digital development help enable inclusion, education and empowerment. Our vision is "Innovation for 21st Century" to support Sustainable Development of Education, Culture, Gender Equality, Digital Economy and Environment.

Our Mission

Shilpa Sayura continue it's journey seeking new ways to develop 21st century youth leaders, who shall be the drivers of positive change to make our society a better place.

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Volunteering gives you an opportunity to become a social leader. You can use your knowledge and skills to make a difference in community. Volunteering is opportunity to develop new skills. All good leader are good volunteers. Volunteering is challenging and rewarding you.

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