Shilpa Sayura Reaches Final Content Target : 5th Mile Stone

19th November 2007

A project begins with nothing what’s available is hope and beliefs that targets could be reached. In most ICT community project cases targets keep moving with time due to inflation as well as other factors which were only can be imagined at the beginning.

Reaching targets need great courage and commitment of all stakeholders. Shilpa Sayura did it. Shilpa Sayura readhed target of 4000 units and was reviewed by teachers groups and approved by ICTA and PWC. It’s the first time in Sri Lankan hoistory such a large content repository was built, and it was done in less than an year.

Shilpa Sayura made it happen by opening up, making everyone interested taking part in the process through out.

The content base include 8 Subjects Sinhala, Science, Math, Art, Dance, Music, Environment and changes to new syllabus also incorporated breaking Social Science into history, geography and civic studies.